Clear Glasses Fashion Streetstyle

Clear Glasses Fashion Streetstyle

I was originally going to title this post:


But then I heard this song on the radio last night and thought, wow this perfectly sums up my life right now.

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind root canals that had me in pain.


All of the bad feelings job interviews have disappeared.

Clear Glasses Fashion Streetstyle



Clear Glasses Fashion Streetstyle


Cheesiness aside.

I have literally been to hell and back in the last 3 months.

Have you guys noticed my blog and social media presence has basically been nonexistent?

Did you miss me?

Well, I can finally reveal why I was MIA…


Clear Glasses Fashion Streetstyle

If you’ve ever tried to find a job while simultaneously working a full time job, then you understand that it’s basically like working 2 full time jobs at the same time!

I did interviews at 7:30am, lunchtime, and 5:30pm almost everyday, and that means being ON and EXCITED and being PREPPED on every company and ENGAGED with every person you meet.

I constantly had to sneak into the bathroom at work to change into my interview suit, praying that no one got in the elevator with me as I rushed out the office, barely making it to my next interview on time.

And forget having a social life. Working on relationships went to the bottom of the priority list. I felt like I was in survival mode, looking out for only myself.

And finally that brings me to the blog…

Clear Glasses Fashion Streetstyle

Because I’m highly google-able, I missed out on a lot of job opportunities.

Even though corporations rant and rave about how important culture is to the wellbeing of their company, in reality they just want their employees to be seen and not heard.

Apparently having a part time job/hobby/recreational activity outside of work, doesn’t go over very well in the corporate world.

Case in point, at almost every interview I was asked:

a) How much time does my blog take up?

b) Would I stop blogging?

I never in a million years thought my online presence would make finding a high paying job where I’m appreciated and valued, nearly impossible.

Because of all this, I kept very quiet on social media for two reasons:

1. I literally didn’t have time. Like zero/zilch/nada/nothing.

2. I didn’t want the first thing job recruiters saw when they came to Do The Hotpants was me in a crop top/bikini/or any non work appropriate clothing.

Do The Hotpants was beginning to feel like a mistake. I felt like I was this crazy, radical feminist that no one could trust because I swear and I love my body and am comfortable in my own skin…even though it’s on my OWN PERSONAL TIME.

Clear Glasses Fashion Streetstyle

After what felt like an eternity of sleepless nights, and anxiety ridden days, I did finally find an amazing job.


I can’t believe I came out of this experience alive.

Clear Glasses Fashion Streetstyle

I wanted to tell you all about what I was going through SO BADLY, but I have coworkers who read my blog, so alas I was forced to deal with this very privately.


Things are getting better. A LOT better.

My health is back on track, my root canal is behind me, and I don’t have to interview anymore.

I seriously can’t believe how shitty some companies treated me while interviewing.

I’m going to compile a few funny ones together and I’ll tell you guys all about it.

But let me just say this….

Rich white male privilege is ALIVE and WELL in NYC.


Clear Glasses Fashion Streetstyle

Oh and PS you guys,

I would never stop Do The Hotpants just because someone told me to.



Clear Glasses Fashion Streetstyle

This blog makes me happy.

YOU make me happy!

Everything in life is hard work, but at the end of the day, I want to be happy, and I want to help you love and cherish your body.

If my blog is too huge an obstacle for a company to hire me, then I don’t want to work for that company.


Clear Glasses Fashion Streetstyle

Sending you all love and light for this beautiful week.

Happy Pride, Happy Minds, Happy Lives.



Clear Glasses Fashion Streetstyle


Glasses : Dharma Eyewear / Lipstick : MAC Lady Danger / Harness : Zana Bayne / Shoes : Aldo / Bike Shorts : American Apparel / Shirt : H&M

Photography : Spree Wilson