For some reason I’m always late to the party.


The video I’m about to share with you has over 6 million views, so I apologize if this post is not news to you…

But even if Em’s story helps just ONE of my readers, I’ve done my job.

Em Ford is a beauty blogger who (like millions of other people) also has acne. I originally found out about her when a friend posted the below video on Facebook.

I had never heard about her before, but I’m now a hardcore follower.

As someone who has grown up with acne my entire life, I understand the pain and feelings of shame and disgust people with acne feel about themselves.

Women are smothered with images of perfection in the media, and we’re made to feel like we’re not beautiful enough for society when our face isn’t perfect.


The worst thing you can say to someone suffering with acne if you haven’t suffered from it yourself is, “Why don’t you try this product, or this diet change?”

Saying something like this to someone suffering is basically like looking down on someone stuck in a well and asking them why they haven’t tried climbing out?

99% of the time, they HAVE tried to climb out.

I am constantly trying to climb out, and I’m sure Em is too.

The best thing you can say?

I’m so sorry. There are parts of my body that make me upset too.

(Remember my dear readers, empathy and love will heal the world.)



Bravery is Beautiful.


Now, I don’t want this video to depress you.

I want you to hold on to the power and strength of this woman and realize that times are changing.

It’s brave women like Em, women who expose their imperfections for the entire world to see, that are paving the path of body positivity and self love.

As you can see in the comments from her video, this battle is an uphill fight, and nowhere near won…Every step forward is met with harsh criticism and self doubt.

But we are winning, my dear readers!

Slowly but surely, I promise.


Em Ford is an incredible inspiration to me, and I encourage you to follow her on Instagram, YouTube, and any other media platforms she has.

Also spend some time exploring the hashtag she created #YouLookDisgusting

At the time of writing this, her hashtag has almost 2K posts! Many of them from ordinary people like you and I who are tired of the pain our mirror’s reflection brings us.

I hope Em continues to light the way for women with blemishes/spots/acne/psoriasis/and any skin problem you can think of.

She’s has a beautiful and powerful message,

And she’s in good company.


Keep fighting the good fight, Em.

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And now I’ll leave you with Em’s words:

“For this blogger, the ugly side of beauty is the thought or notion that in order to be beautiful you have to look a certain way… and as shameful as it sounds, it took me over twenty years to realize that this isn’t true. I’m proud to finally feel confident in my own skin and for the first time in my life, I feel like I’m finally finding my true beauty.”