Who is Hotpants?

Dana Suchow is a speaker, activist, and event producer in New York City.

Since overcoming Bulimia/Binge Eating Disorder and Compulsive Exercising that resulted in permanent injuries, Dana “Hotpants” Suchow has become a champion for women’s issues, body neutrality, and eating disorder awareness. Dana started Do The Hotpants as a fashion blog, but once she realized fashion’s unattainable beauty standards were fueling her eating disorder and self hatred, Dana switched gears. In 2014 she made it her mission empower and uplift women and girls struggling with bad body image through storytelling and workshops. Dana now curates and hosts women’s networking and empowerment events that support all self-identifying women.

In 2016, Dana co-founded The Ripple, a women’s collective in NYC with a mission of empowering women to make waves in their communities. The Ripple hosts and sponsors major events designed to create lasting change by rippling out ideas through the use of workshops, TED-style panels, field trips, and movie screenings.

Dana lives in New York City, where she holds a Masters Degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. You can find her as a guest on Good Morning America and The T.D. Jakes Show, as well as in such publications as The Huffington Post, Vogue, Marie Claire, Seventeen Magazine, ABC News, Bustle and Yahoo!.

What is Do The Hotpants?

Do The Hotpants is the name of a 60’s soul song by Mr. Jim and The Rhythm Machine. Back when Dana lived in San Francisco, she would go out dancing to soul music every weekend wearing teeny tiny short shorts, and the nickname “Hotpants” was born!

Fast forward to 2012 when Dana decided to start a fashion blog, she couldn’t think of a better name than Do The Hotpants. Not only was it fun and energetic, but it was about clothes! Over the years, Do The Hotpants grew from a small fashion blog into what it is today, and the name grew with it.

While Do The Hotpants still evokes fun, energy and short shorts, it has become an empowering phrase inviting its followers to wear whatever they want without worrying about the judgements and opinions of others! Want to wear those short shorts? Wear them! Don’t let society dictate how you and your body are supposed to exist in this world.

Your body is your home, and it’s the only one you’ve got!

So ask yourself: Are you ready to Do The Hotpants?



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