I’m not going to lie…I don’t have clear skin.


I’m like 90% of the population! Can you believe it??????

Well, I stumbled across these two incredible tutorials and wanted to share them with you guys. They’ve really changed the way I do my makeup.

I know I know, this is a little different than my regular HILARIOUS post…

But I want to applaud the women in the videos below for putting their REAL selves out there for the world to see by showing their faces without makeup.

I don’t know many people brave and confident enough to expose their deepest insecurities like this. It’s so cool.

What these two beautiful ladies do is not just teach how to apply foundation, but they remind us that under a flawless face or behind the photoshopped body, we all have imperfections.

No one is perfect. Don’t believe the hype.

And models look like aliens in real life.



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