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Here is Dennis’ story.

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A Letter To The Follicly Challenged:

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was 27. Naked in the shower. Completely distraught.

That’s where it all began…

I felt my youthful locks fall out of my head like a torrential downpour towards the shower drain. My genetics didn’t even give me a grace period. It was just an avalanche seemingly overnight and out of nowhere.

And every day it kept getting worse.

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I tried to cover it up. Which in turn made me look even more ridiculous.

You’re probably wondering, “Why not minoxidil?” Well, dear reader, this was before it was available over the counter and at that time it was VERY expensive. Oh, did I mention I was completely broke and struggling to make money at the time too?

This was the Dark Ages and the Bubonic Plague had just been unleashed on my cranium.

Eventually I did what every guy does out of balding desperation, I shaved my head. Some people said “Wow! Bad ass man!” but I’m pretty sure they were lying. I hated it. I looked awful and my self-esteem plummeted. I started wearing hats constantly and grew facial hair to distract from when my hat was off. I tried to fake confidence by sporting my bald head but the confidence was never truly authentic.


Fast forward a few years.

I was still balding but minoxidil had become available more freely. I jumped on the opportunity to try something, anything, to regrow or prevent any more hair loss. A tiny light in the alopecia universe shined on me when the minoxidil began working, and I was able to maintain some density while keeping what little hair I had left. While it wasn’t a lot, with the proper haircut, I could get it to the point of looking decent enough for me to not have to completely shave my head anymore. I was somewhat relieved, but definitely missed having my thick, curly, Paul Newman-esque hair.

But while I still wore hats despite my newfound discovery, this didn’t stop me from making herculean strides in my professional and personal life.

I was still a confident man and I went after everything with a newfound vigor and enthusiasm. I met every challenge as an opportunity and eventually I began to create my dream life. After years of working towards it, I am now a professional photographer and filmmaker. And in between all of this, I met the woman of my dreams, and she has become my creative partner as well. And if it wasn’t for a family get together I attended with her, I might never have made my choice for a hair transplant.

Already having gone in for a consultation at Bosley here in New York City, I started to heavily consider the option of a hair transplant.

Though costly, it was totally manageable if I chose one of the payment plans they offered. But I kept putting it on the bottom of my “want” list and went day-in and day-out wearing one of my many fedoras as my toupee. It became somewhat of a signature look. So much so that I didn’t take it off the entire time my girlfriend and I attended her sister’s baby shower. I remember seeing the photos of us together. Her, so beautiful in her summer dress, and me, not a bad catch, in his fitted linen pants, cotton shirt, well trimmed beard, and…ridiculously out of place wool fedora.

I decided then that enough had become enough.

I seized the opportunity of a major discount Bosley was offering on grafts and was more than able to afford the payments per month. I made my appointment for a Monday at 7:30am and when the day finally arrived I was ecstatic. I’ll spare you the details of the procedure but I will say this:

– It’s not painful.

– You get to watch movies.

– You get to eat.

– You’re home by 4:30pm.

– And post-op care is a breeze.

Bald Balding Man Hair Transplant Before and After Body Positivity Mens Blog IMG_3259

Now here I am almost 8 months after my procedure and my hair has returned.

It’s a wonderful feeling and I absolutely LOVE having it back. It’s so nice to actually walk around without a hat, too. All my fedoras have been resting quietly in my closet since my transplanted follicles started growing in. My hair has almost reached it’s full density and in 4 more months the full effects of the transplant will come to fruition.

I maintain my locks by still using minoxidil on the areas I didn’t have grafts put in. In addition to that I use a laser comb and take Zenwise Labs Hair Growth all-natural supplements for further follicle stimulation. This is called preventative measures and every guy can do it regardless of whether he’s losing his hair or not. Maintaining is actually a lot of fun because I see major results. Just like whenever I start exercising regularly.

So that’s my story.

Bald Balding Man Hair Transplant Before and After Body Positivity Mens Blog IMG_4574

Now has the transplant made me more successful or changed my entire life?


Because I was happy BEFORE the transplant.

All the transplant did was turn up the volume. I urge everyone who is considering something like this to find that happiness first.

Love yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

Strive for spiritual self-improvement while simultaneously focusing on your health and well-being. Always transform from within first.

And when you’re ready, there’s always the option to turn up the volume a bit.

With Love & Gratitude,

Dennis Cahlo

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