I got some not very good health news about someone I love yesterday.

Right now we’re playing the wait and see game, but I made this post because I needed some positivity today.

The world is full of magic, and I never want to forget that.

Hopefully you’re all having a wonderful Friday, but even if you’re not, this collection of videos I put together will definitely make you feel better. And if you’re already feeling good, this will make you feel great!

I apologize in advance for any tears <3


divider-horizon-lineTheo and Beau

divider-horizon-lineAnimals Getting Legs

divider-horizon-lineAnyone Can Change The World

divider-horizon-lineA bagpiper drowns out hate speech in Scotland

divider-horizon-lineBrotherly Love

divider-horizon-lineShow me the Mo’Ne

divider-horizon-lineThrow Like A Girl

divider-horizon-lineThe Conditioned

divider-horizon-lineBlack Fathers

divider-horizon-lineFinishing The Race

divider-horizon-lineMy New Favorite YouTube Star!

(At first I thought it was going to be making fun of disabled people, but it’s not. He is hysterical and empowering. I’m absolutely in love)

divider-horizon-lineAnd last but not least, something fashion related :)

Rain Dove, An Inspirational Human Being



Baby and Puppy Image Credit – www.mommasgonecity.com/naptime-with-theo-and-beau/