#MyBodyStory is a series of reader submitted pieces about what it’s like to live in your body. Because every body has a story, and every story deserves to be heard.

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And now, here is Shawnte’s Body Story:

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My name is Shawnte and I am 32 years old. I was born with cerebral palsy. I use a posterior walk as well as an electric wheelchair. I also struggle with chronic pain. As a child I’ve had multiple surgeries-all relating to my disability.

My Life: What I Do

I work as a computer technician at a library here in Maryland and I do a little modeling. I am a single mother to two wonderful boys who are 8 & 9 years old. When I’m not working, I love to volunteer in their class and I also volunteer at a few other places. I love being a mother; it’s quite an adventure and hard work. A lot of people ask “how do I do it?” I just say it comes naturally to me…it’s not hard unless you make it hard!

What is it like to be a parent and have a disability?

My kids are my world. They were born 11 months apart making them Irish Twins. Both of my pregnancies went well, they were both delivered by c-section. They are the most lovable kids and they love to help mommy. Every now and then I get this surprised look from people because I have children. Others say that I inspire them because I’m involved with just about everything with them. I live for them. I love watching them grow and reach their milestones.


I think as a mother with a disability this was my biggest challenge so far. My kids are now in 2nd and 3rd grade but they both showed signs in first grade. My oldest son Lorenzo has ADHD. He takes 3 different medications, two in the morning and one at night to sleep.  His brother takes one pill in the morning.
First grade was very rough for the both of them. They could not focus or complete their work and it was a rough time for me. Once I got my oldest evaluated and settled it was like deja vu the following year with his brother. The problems started around the same time.
Currently, they are doing awesome in school. They do have a 504 plan which gives them certain accommodations in class, but based on progress reports they are both going to make honor roll for the first quarter! Myself along with their teachers work with them. Their teachers are the best. I am so proud of my kids. I give myself a pat on the back because it’s a lot of work to do especially with cerebral palsy.

Strong Is Who I Am

The scars from my surgeries tell a story of a child who was strong who grew up to be a hardworking, independent mother.

With love,


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