You all remember my post about shopping at Forever 21 right???

Well, a very good friend posted this video on my facebook page and I HAD to share it with you all.

Below is the most amazing news report I’ve seen on “Fast Fashion” (and also the greatest example of why John Oliver is my bae).


After watching that, how do you feel?

Are you going to change your shopping habits?

Right now I’m re-evaluating the way I view clothing and how I dress myself on the daily.

While it’s sooooo fun to keep posting brand new outfits on the blog every week, don’t I also have a moral responsibility to purchase said clothing from stores that treat their workers fairly? Shouldn’t the clothes I wear be made by consenting adults who work in conditions and buildings that are up to code?

I think so.

Should I go on a year long ban of Fast Fashion retailers?


What do you think?