Last month I dropped my phone.


I have dropped it COUNTLESS times before, and it never cracked because I keep that shit bubble-wrapped in the most ghetto and dorky iPhone case available in Chinatown for under $2.

And lucky for you guys, Amazon is now the new Chinatown.

A lot of people I know aren’t the most keen to rock the weird case I have, or the lower end ones on Amazon. They’re picky types you see. But no, my friends insist that if they have a phone case they would handyhlle selber gestalten. Well, that’s what my German friend says anyway, the rest say they’d make the phone case themselves, with photos of our get-togethers. Fair enough. Does the trick either way, right?

I would laugh when friends paid $250 at the Apple store while mine remained intact as I threw it at people Naomi Campbell style.

WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL…I finally dropped it and cracked the screen because iPhones are fragile pieces of Chinese ceramics from the Paleolithic era.

So now I’m not laughing.


Since I’m poor I decided to grin and bear it for as long as possible, but finally realized I had to fix it when I got glass in my ear yesterday (for the 3rd time).


I found this place.

They fixed my screen in 45 minutes for $95. I mean, it still sucks…my money tree committed suicide when I moved last week, but $95 is a lot better than $250. And not having to go to the Apple store? PRICELESS.


So if you’re in New York and broke your phone, go to AppleBerry. The place is ghetto, will ruin any warranty your phone had, and make you feel like you’re doing something illegal. Basically it rules. There’s a lot of places like this i’ve found out. A friend told me about itech iPhone & Macbook Repair. Turns out they used it when this happened to them??? And their phone was fixed up fine?? Wild isn’t it?

Just FYI, this posting is not endorsed by them. BUT OMG I WISH IT WAS!!!!!!! I STILL HAD TO PAY $95 AND I’M PROBABLY GOING TO BREAK IT AGAIN TOMORROW!!!!!!

But for now, I can finally return to using my screen as a mirror for removing spinach salad from my teeth once more. My Dentist Massapequa would be jumping up and down right now at my teeth situation!




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