We all know meditation is good for you.

There are literally hundreds of benefits that are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN!

Meditation Benefits Mind Body Soul

But, like most people, I find it hard to take 20 mins a day to better myself.

And it’s even more difficult when you’re in the actual throes of stress, panic, anxiety, or bad body image, because it’s so hard to take an immediate step back from those intense feelings and practice self-care.

Meditation Benefits Mind Body Soul

On the evening of February 22nd, I was sitting at home, and feeling really terrible about my body. I was filled with anxiety, and didn’t know how to control it. It was too late in the night to go for a run (which is my usual mode of stress relief). So I felt trapped with my emotions, while at the same time being buried underneath them.

When it comes to treating anxiety there are all kinds of unique methods. For example, one of my friends uses cbda oil to help her feel less anxious when she has to do a presentation at work.

I don’t know why, but I went onto Youtube and searched Guided Meditation.

I couldn’t believe the amount of calming words that my search returned.

So I narrowed my search and tried Anxiety Mediation, then Self-Love Meditation, then Self Forgiveness Meditation, then Mindful Eating Meditation, then BODY LOVE MEDITATION!

My mind was blown. There were people, speaking to me online, knowing exactly what kind of feelings I was battling at that exact moment.

I’m not sure exactly why I searched for meditation.

Perhaps it’s because my boyfriend meditates every…single…day, and I’ve seen the amazing benefits that mediation has provided him in both his personal and professional life.

Perhaps it’s because my mom took a meditation course a few years ago and told me how much it helped her.

Or maybe it’s because my therapist has been trying to get me to do it for years! ;)

Either way, I had a breakthrough you guys, and I want to share some of the meditations I found online with you.

I really hope you enjoy these.

They’ve helped me immensely over the past few weeks, and I don’t see myself quitting meditation anytime soon.

Meditation Benefits Mind Body Soul


Listen to this one while being active. Going for a walk, cleaning the house. It’s shifted my anxiety from negative to positive on more than a few occasions.

Louise Hay

The QUEEEEEEN of body love. Seriously, if you don’t know about her, GET ON BOARD!

Self Forgiveness

One of my favorites to listen to before bed. Have others hurt you? Have you hurt others, or even yourself? We carry around so much baggage and shame. This will help release it.

More Forgiveness

Because you can never be too forgiving.

Mindful Eating

For anyone who suffers from disordered eating, anxiety around food, or just feels out of control at times.

Meditation Benefits Mind Body Soul

Do you like these mediations I picked? Do you see yourself using them in the future to combat stress?

Or are there meditations you already use???

I’d love to know what helps YOU when you’re stressed or anxious…

So share your links with me and the other Hotpants readers in the comments below!

Remember, the world is full of stress,

but it’s the stress-management tools we learn in life, that keep us fine tuned, aligned, and at peace with ourselves and each other.